The Stand

The Silhouette and Stand is a versatile patented (US D920,000) 40" tall garden stake to elevate hanging baskets, flowerpots, birdbaths, birdhouses, pumpkins and outdoor decor above the ground away from animals and accidental damage from lawn-care equipment. The stand can include optional clip-on silhouettes with popular shapes such as cats, dogs, horses, angels, Ohio etc. The stand is made of durable powder-coated, heavy-duty, 1/2 inch diameter wrought iron. Our standard stake holds 10-11 inch standard hanging baskets and pots. More sizes, colors and heights coming soon! Selling at Buehler's Foods, all Petitti Garden Centers, Maria Garden Centers, Flowerama, Oakland Nursery, Black Diamond Garden Centers and Graf Growers. Sold at all locations within mentioned stores.

Add your favorite silhouette

Choose from our large selection of 50+ silhouettes. You can recommend a silhouette design and our factory can produce it in 4-7 business days. We are taking orders for fund raising for local schools. If you have a local school that you think may be interested Become a Rep to earn.