The Stand

The Silhouette and Stand is a versatile patented (US D920,000) 40" tall garden stake to elevate hanging baskets, flowerpots, grapevine globes, birdbaths, birdhouses, pumpkins and outdoor decor.

Perfect for all seasons Spring to Winter

All througout the year Silhouette & Stand planter stands can be used throughout your yard and garden. Elevate flowerpots, gazing balls, grapevine spheres, garden orbs, bird baths, pumpkins and all spherical and round outdoor decor. Silhoutte & Stand can be adjusted to 2 heights from 18 to 40 inches tall. Line pathways, walkways and driveways to keep paths clear and add LED's to light for safety and to keep cars on on your drive way in winter months. Perfect for all year around.