About Silhouette & Stand

Silhouette & Stand™ a patented (US D920,000) garden stand with utility patents pending.


 We are passionate about manufacturing high quality products. We have several indoor/outdoor products patent pending.

We started producing ornamental metal formed, home & outdoor garden products in the 1990's. Our product-lines included shepherd hooks, and other wire formed products that can be personalized, with silhouettes.

The Stand  is versatile, with many uses, elevating plants and outdoor decor above the ground, keeping pests rodents, and domestic pets away from your plants, bird houses, baths and feeders.

The Stand also elevates outdoor decor, flowerpots and hanging baskets up high, preventing damage from weed trimmers, and other lawn-care equipment. 

The silhouettes are sold with a clip, so that you can change out designs as often as you like. You can also snap on car magnetic vinyl school or sports logos, extending personalization to sports, schools, and collegiate (perfect for PTA school fundraising). 

Our complete line of silhouettes include angels, horses, cats, dogs, marine life, farm life, hunting & fishing, military commemoration, religious, birds, butterflies, States, and school mascots.


We support local schools

We created an outstanding 15% discount code for all USA schools and PTA's. - Our program helps schools to raise funds in a fun way, while keeping signs of support in front yards throughout local communities. Are you a part of the PTA?

Silhouette & Stand is Patent Pending, and is stocked in many major garden centers, grocery stores, hardware stores and monument retail outlets throughout the East Coast and Mid-west. We are seeking to expand into other regions around the USA. Are you interested in becoming a rep?