Silhouette & Stand

40" Tall Flowerpot Stand

$34.99 $39.99

Two products in 1 (short or tall). Elevate your garden plants and decor with Silhouette & Stand planter stand. Raise flowerpots, hanging baskets, pumpkins, birdbaths, birdhouses, and other decors up and away from rodents, pets, pests, and damage from lawn-care equipment.

40" tall 32" once pushed into the ground holds planters, pots, gazing balls, pumpkins, bowls, buckets, and all outdoor decor up high away from pets, pests, and other hazards. 

Silhouette & Stand can be personalized silhouette shapes that can be changed out throughout seasons and holidays. Made of sturdy wrought iron, the stand holds up to 20 lbs keeping decor safe. Silhouette & Stand is an all seasonal product perfect for Spring with (bird feeders & hanging baskets), perennials, Summer (flowerpots & hanging baskets) Fall (pumpkins & mums), Winter (garland, birdbaths, feeders, and wreaths). Choose from dozens of silhouette collections with domestic pets, ocean life, farm animals, hearts, angels, commemoration, military, and themes for kids such as dinosaurs, and other fun characters.